Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Episode 5: True Crime Tuesday Special Episode!

Hi everyone! Welcome to a special episode of Common Sense and Sweet Tea. We are on vacation and my mommy is in town so I decide to put her in front of the microphone to talk about two true crime stories that took place in and near my hometown. Today we sit down to take a look at the cases of Dorthea Puente and the Zodiac Killer. I want to point out that while true crime fascinates me, it is also important to me that we remember and acknowledge the victims of these crimes as well. They lost their lives too soon, and at the hands of evil individuals.

Dorothea-Puente 01.jpg

Dorthea Puente at her trial, via Wikipedia

learn about Dorthea Puente's victims here

Check out my blog post "9 of My Favorite True Crime Books," and pick up The Bone Garden, the book about the Puente murders; while also checking out some of my other favorite true crime books!

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Zodiac sketches

Zodiac Books

3.Zodiac   (the original book)

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